Performances of Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill)

Absolutt Piano

Borealis Festival

11:30, Friday 16 March 2012
Prøvesalen (external link)
Lars Hilles Gate 3 Bergen

Mark Knoop in discussion with Michael Finnissy (external link) before the first performance of the composer’s new collection of Chorale Preludes which set, in Finnissy’s unique way, Norwegian spiritual folk-songs and late 18th century American hymn-tunes.

Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 2012*33

Choral Preludes

Voix à la Maison du Peuple

19:45, Saturday 21 April 2012
Maison du Peuple (external link)
37 Parvis de Saint-Gilles
1060 Brussels

Mark Knoop presents an intriguing mix of repertoire, from Xenakis’s arborescences to Ablinger (external link)’s blending of well-known voices with the piano sound and Bryn Harrison (external link)’s mesmeric miniature. A new work by Michael Finnissy (external link) references Bach and Brahms.

Iannis Xenakis Mists 198012
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Bryn Harrison Quietly Rising 20083
Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 2012¤33



19:30, Tuesday 1 May 2012
The Forge (external link)
3-7 Delancey St
NW1 7NL London
United Kingdom

Mark Knoop presents new works which each take existing musical material as their starting point. From de la Cour (external link)’s cut-up techniques, through Beaudoin (external link)’s microtiming, to Finnissy (external link)’s Brahms-style choral preludes based on Norwegian and American folk songs, each work proposes an intriguing method of negotiating with the past. Tickets available on the door, or book here (external link).

Richard Beaudoin nach Webern, nach Pollini 2010*8
Richard Beaudoin The Artist and his Model I—la fille floutée 2010*9
Richard Beaudoin Now anything can hang at any angle 2011*2
Adam de la Cour Piano piece 10 2011-12*20
Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 201233



18:00, Sunday 13 April 2014
Mystetskyi Arsenal (external link)
Lavrska str, 10-12

A concert as part of the New Music Festival at the Book Arsenal in Kiev.

Laurence Crane Piano Piece No.23 “Ethiopian Distance Runners” 2009#22
Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 2012#33
Claude Debussy Préludes Book 1 1909-1040

Finnissy portrait


17:30, Sunday 30 October 2016
Leuven STUK (external link)
Naamsestraat 96
B-3000 Leuven

Soprano Juliet Fraser and pianist Mark Knoop will perform the second of our two concerts devoted to Michael Finnissy. The central piece will be the premiere of his Andersen Liederkreis. With references to the Danish author Hans-Christian Andersen and to Robert Schumann’s two volumes entitled Liederkreis, this concert promises to be a typical ‘Finnissy trip’ filled with musical and cultural references.

Michael Finnissy Song 1 19695
Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 201233
Michael Finnissy Andersen-Liederkreis 2016*45
first performance
first performance in Belgium
first performance in The United Kingdom
first performance in Ukraine