Performances of Voices and Piano (selection)

In context

Image Sonores XIII

20:30, Friday 16 December 2011
Ancienne Église Saint-André
place du Marché

As part of the 13th festival of live electronics organised by the Centre Henri Pousseur (external link), Mark Knoop performs selections from Peter Ablinger (external link)’s ongoing cycle Voices and Piano, including two new Voices written for the occasion; Newton Armstrong (external link)’s new work for piano and live electronics; and Matthew Shlomowitz (external link)’s 2010 piece for piano and sampler keyboard.

Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-*
Newton Armstrong Three Windows 2009-1012
Newton Armstrong Too Slow, for Milton 20113
Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts 2010¤30

Building Instruments

SPEEC Symposium Concert

20:00, Friday 6 January 2012
Jacqueline du Pre Music Building (external link)
St Hilda’s College
OX4 1DY Oxford
United Kingdom

The SPEEC symposium presents a concert of works by Matthew Shlomowitz (external link), Peter Ablinger (external link) and Sam Hayden performed by Mieko Kanno and Mark Knoop.

Sam Hayden Adaptations 201115
Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts 201030
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Sam Hayden schismatics 200712

Choral Preludes

Voix à la Maison du Peuple

19:45, Saturday 21 April 2012
Maison du Peuple (external link)
37 Parvis de Saint-Gilles
1060 Brussels

Mark Knoop presents an intriguing mix of repertoire, from Xenakis’s arborescences to Ablinger (external link)’s blending of well-known voices with the piano sound and Bryn Harrison (external link)’s mesmeric miniature. A new work by Michael Finnissy (external link) references Bach and Brahms.

Iannis Xenakis Mists 198012
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Bryn Harrison Quietly Rising 20083
Michael Finnissy Choralvorspiele (Koralforspill) 2012¤33

Time in the new music

17:15, Thursday 8 November 2012
John Knowles Paine Concert Hall (external link)
02138 Cambridge MA
United States of America

Mark Knoop, alongside composer Richard Beaudoin (external link), will present a performance and lecture about compositional perspectives on the experience of time in recent music.

Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-$
Richard Beaudoin The Artist and his Model I—la fille floutée 20109
Elliott Carter First Diversion 19996
Richard Beaudoin Étude d’un prélude IV—Black Wires 20097
Laurence Crane Piano Piece No.23 “Ethiopian Distance Runners” 2009$22


Plus-Minus Ensemble

TRANSIT Festival

16:00, Sunday 27 October 2013
Leuven STUK (external link)
Naamsestraat 96
B-3000 Leuven

Plus-Minus Ensemble present Peter Ablinger (external link)’s settings of the voices of Jacques Brel, Forough Farrokzhad and Ilya Prigogine. New works by Guy De Bièvre (external link) and Bernhard Lang (external link) link with the ensemble’s experimental aesthetics. With his controversial Harakiri it seemed as if Nicolaus A. Huber was committing harakiri himself — since the very sparse composition didn’t satisfy the commissioning party, it was years before the piece had its premiere.

Nicolaus A. Huber Harakiri 1971, arr 201216
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-*
Guy de Bièvre Time Zones 2013*10
Bernhard Lang DW23: ...Loops for Dr. X 2013*20

Voices in context

19:00, Sunday 19 January 2014
Listeners (external link)
Bayerische Straße 8

A hauskonzert and launch of a new CD on the Sub Rosa label.

Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts 2 201025

LCMF: A New History of Song

London Contemporary Music Festival

20:00, Friday 30 May 2014
Second Home
Britannia House, 68-80 Hanbury Street
E1 5JL London
United Kingdom

In this night we reimagine the popular song and explore the limits of the voice. Includes music by Andrew Poppy, Georges Aperghis and Robert Ashley and performances by Josephine Foster, Lore Lixenberg and Jennifer Walshe.

Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-

Words & Music 3

Durham Musicon

19:30, Sunday 8 November 2015
Durham University (external link)
United Kingdom

The final concert in the Musicon November festival features Mark Knoop performing a selection from Peter Ablinger (external link)’s ongoing cycle Voices and Piano. A simultaneous performance of solos from John Cage (external link)’s time series follows with Knoop, members of the Ives Ensemble and Damian Robson.

Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
John Cage 45’ for a speaker 195445
John Cage 26’1.1499” for a string player 1953-5526
John Cage 27’10.554” for a percussionist 195627
John Cage 31’57.9864” for a pianist 195432
John Cage 34’46.776” for a pianist 195435

Statements, Voices & Loops

Musiikin Aika - Time of Music

21:00, Wednesday 5 July 2017
Viitasaari Church
Kirkkotie 9
44500 Viitasaari

Juliet Fraser (external link) and Mark Knoop perform at the Time of Music Festival, Finland.

Michael Finnissy Andersen-Liederkreis 201645
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Bernhard Lang Monadologie XXXII The Cold Trip part 2 2014/1530


Klangspuren Festival

20:00, Thursday 21 September 2017
Silbersaal im SZentrum
Andreas-Hofer-Str 10

Juliet Fraser (external link) and Mark Knoop perform at the Klangspuren festival.

Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Cassandra Miller Tracery 201720
Bernhard Lang Monadologie XXXII The Cold Trip part 2 2014/1530

Voices and Piano

Wiener Tage der zeitgenössischen Klaviermusik

19:00, Monday 29 January 2018
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst
Alte Konzertsaal
Rennweg 8, 1030 Vienna
United Kingdom

Mark Knoop presents the opening concert for the Wiener Tage der zeitgenössischen Klaviermusik.

Joanna Bailie Artificial Environment No.8 2012-1318
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-



20:00, Thursday 5 October 2023
km28 (external link)
Karl Marx Str. 28
12043 Berlin

Works by Joanna Bailie (external link) bookend this programme of experimental piano music.

Joanna Bailie marblepark 20229
Tim Parkinson piano piece 2015 201518
Galina Ustvolskaya Piano Sonata No.4 195712
Peter Ablinger Voices and Piano (selection) 1998-
Joanna Bailie Roll Call 201816
first performance
first performance in Belgium
first performance in USA
first performance of this version