Performances of Heartful bird, vivid and great in style

Create! Compose! Combine!

Spor Festival

20:00, Friday 9 May 2014
Godsbanen (external link)
Skovgaardsgade 3-5
8000 Århus

Pieces from SPOR’s Call for Proposals 2014. Each year SPOR festival invites composers and sound artists from all over the world to submit proposals for the coming festival and each year SPOR receives a wide range of interesting projects, from works for ensemble and music theater pieces to sound installations. This year the jury has selected five very different works to be realized at SPOR 2014, four of them will be presented at this concert. All of the works invite the audience to take part in various ways, of which the first one takes us above ground...

David Bird Fields 20107
James Saunders you say what to do 2014*10
James Andean The Friedman Translations 2014*14
Jessie Marino Heartful bird, vivid and great in style 2014*15
first performance