Conducting Repertoire

Mark Knoop performs a wide variety of music as a solo pianist, chamber musician and conductor. A selection of this repertoire is listed: choose a category above to browse, or search the database using the form below.

James Anderson Metal Fatigue/Gestalt-Equilibria 1996*5
Mark Applebaum Tlön 19956
Newton Armstrong The way to go out 2016*12
Newton Armstrong thread — surface 2018*12
Newton Armstrong site 1995
Newton Armstrong Nature Pieces 2013*15
Joanna Bailie Artificial Environments Nos.1–5 201120
Joanna Bailie double 2006*9
Richard Barrett Another heavenly day 1989-907
Luciano Berio Chamber Music 1953
Anne Boyd Meditations on a Chinese Character 1996*
John Cage Sixteen Dances 195150
Elliott Carter Clarinet Concerto 199620
Brendan Colbert Sphinx 1994/2001*14
James Dillon ...Once Upon a Time 19809
James Dillon ZONE (... de azul) 19836
James Dillon Windows and Canopies 198525
Franco Donatoni Chantal 1990
Eve Duncan Tiger Snake and Runner of Light 2001*
Pascal Dusapin Aks 19879
Simone East Ex Stasis 2002*
Jason Eckardt Tongues 2001*
Morton Feldman Instruments I 1974
Michael Finnissy ...above earth’s shadow 198518
Michael Finnissy M.I. Musical Intelligence 2023*35
Michael Finnissy Various Nations 199212
David Franzson Il Dolce Fare Niente 2004
Beat Furrer Aria 199914
Joseph Giovinazzo Pictures from Home 2001*
Percy Aldridge Grainger Random Round 1912-14
Bryn Harrison Repetitions in Extended Time 200843
Bryn Harrison Rise 2003*11
Keaton Henson Six Lethargies 2018*75
Hans Werner Henze Kammermusik 1958 1958/6351
Alex Hills Ostranenie 2009, rev 201210
Alex Hills Alles 2012*4
Alex Hills After and Before 2011-12*20
Paul Hindemith Kammermusik No 3 opus 36/2 192517
Alice Jeffreys For Plus Minus 2018*14
Howard Jones Eden Falls Still 2003*
Bernhard Lang DW23: ...Loops for Dr. X 2013*20
Simon Løffler D 2013*8
Martin Mackerras As all the Heavens were a Bell 1999*35
Martin Mackerras Sulphurous Dreamscapes and Obscure Lunar Conundrums 1999*25
Bunita Marcus Adam and Eve 198719
Benjamin Marks Lovely Amaryllis 2000*6
Benjamin Marks “...á l’abime béant.“ 1995*6
Benjamin Marks From a Journey 1999*3
Nicholas Maw Roman Canticle 1990
Thomas Meadowcroft labia mea aperes 1997*
Peter Myers Sacred Land 2001*
Damien Ricketson Same Steps 200710
Damien Ricketson Chinese Whisper 200014
Damien Ricketson Trace Elements 2003*
Sam Salem Shadows pass the morning ‘gins to break, The starry floor, the watry shore 2022*30
Arnold Schoenberg Serenade opus 24 1923
Matthew Shlomowitz The Cattle Raid of Cooley or The Show 2003*
Matthew Shlomowitz Quintet 1996*10
Karlheinz Stockhausen Plus Minus Nr 14 (realized by Mark Knoop) 1963/2008*25
Karlheinz Stockhausen Plus Minus Nr 14 (realized by Erik Ulman) 1963/2003
Max Syedtollan Four Assignments 2020*13
Jagoda Szmytka Sky-me, type-me 20117
Erik Ulman Thoughts on the Esterhazy Court Uniform 2004*
Edgard Varèse Octandre 19237
Michael Whiticker Ad Parnassum 1991
Christian Winther Christensen Nachtmusik 2010-11*8
Sławomir Wojciechowski Handmade 2019*15
Adam Yee sefirot 19952
Adam Yee reshit HoHma yir’at adonai 1995*11
Adam Yee shiru l’adonai shir Hadash 19945
Adam Yee Zephania 199622
Adam Yee noonday’s white skull-moon 1999*1
David Young Inventario 199910
David Young Sarcophagus 20008
David Young thousands of bundled straw ii 1998
David Young thousands of bundled straw iii 1997
David Young thousands of bundled straw iv 1998
David Young thousands of bundled straw vi 1998
David Young thousands of bundled straw vii 2005

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